For a successful and memorable street marketing operation, contact INSOLITES BOARD and have an unprecedented impact!
The Insolites Board’s drawing power is huge. Call on our entertainment and flyers distribution service on the Insolites Board : Insolites Board Flying. Our staff will wear T-shirts with the logo of your brand, interact with people on the Insolites Board and distribute your flyers and other promotional items in an innovative way. Thanks to this service, you will get amazing results both visually and quantitatively.

street marketing hoverboard

Our staff can interact with a lot of people in a very short time and distribute a large number of flyers!

Our flyers distribution service, Insolites Board Flying, suits all budgets. You can have up to 10 people on Insolites Board!!!

And in order to fit your budget and type of business, we offer hourly rates. Whether you are a very small business or a multinational company, the Insolites Board Flying will be in your price range for sure.
We offer an all-inclusive solution because we have the Insolites Board and the staff, we provide the T-shirts with your logo and a promotional message and on request we can also provide the flyers.

The future of flyers distribution is with the Insolites Board.

Contact us for a custom quote via the contact form or by phone at +331 42 78 25 60.

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